You’re Never Too Young, Old or Healthy to Get the Flu Shot

Part 1: Can I get the flu from the flu shot?
Part 2: What’s in it and how long will it protect me?

Getting the flu shot is a great way to protect yourself and your loved ones from getting the flu this fall and winter. Nationally, more than 30 million outpatient visits each year are attributed to the flu. In addition to protecting your health, getting vaccinated also can save you money.

Cost to get the flu shot: $15-30.

Potential (approximate) costs for a person insured under a typical health plan who does not get the shot and contracts the flu:

  • $30 co-pay for a doctor or ExpressCare visit
  • $25 co-pay for Tamiflu (cash price is $124.99)
  • $20 for over-the-counter medicines to ease your symptoms
  • The monetary equivalent of three to five days of PTO and sick time.

And this is IF you don’t require hospitalization; thousands do, however.

Approximately 36,000 people die annually from influenza. While certain groups — such as the elderly, those with a chronic medical condition, nursing home residents, pregnant women, healthcare providers and those who live with children younger than 6 months or with someone who has a high risk for flu complications — are highly recommended to get the flu shot, EVERYONE should consider being vaccinated. Rajesh Govindaiah, MD, Memorial Health System’s chief medical officer, busts this common flu vaccine myth below.

Several flu shot clinics are occurring this week at many of our Memorial Physician Services clinics. If you are an MPS patient, make your appointment today!

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