Why Caring for a Loved One at Home is Do-able

Many people prefer to stay at home instead of move to a skilled nursing facility after a hospitalization, when battling an illness or as they age. Home health offers the opportunity to help care for yourself or your loved one at home. Here are five advantages to home healthcare:

  1. One-on-one care. In-home nursing, a health aide, therapy, infusion and nutrition care are all options as you recuperate, recover or receive ongoing support.
  2. Recover in the comfort of your own home. By receiving care at home, you can spend time with your family and be surrounded by your own belongings.
  3. Increased safety. Individuals who receive home care have a lower rate of hospital readmission. Familiar surroundings make it easier to move around, and Memorial Home Services can help you with modifications to your home to better equip you to remain there.
  4. Respite support. Home health can provide caregivers with some respite in meeting the needs of their loved one. Memorial Home Services also offers social services counseling.
  5. The cost of home health is much less than skilled care while providing more personalized care.

Interested in home health?

Contact Memorial Home Services in the Springfield, Jacksonville, Taylorville or Lincoln area, or DMH Home Health in the Decatur area to learn more about home health services in your area.

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