Trying to Lose Weight? Find Out What May Be Missing From Your Workout Routine

Young-Woman-JoggingYou’ve probably been on the weight-loss roller coaster a time or two. You vow to start a healthy routine by working out an hour every day while living on 1,200 calories. However, three days later, you’re on the couch with a pint of ice cream wondering what happened and promise to start the whole unrealistic regimen again the next day.

Sound familiar? According to Gabe Stinson, Memorial SportsCare sports enhancement specialist, we set ourselves up for failure by taking the all or nothing approach. Turns out, more time off from working out and the occasional burger and beer may be just what you need.

“For optimal results, you need to have three to four rest days in your weekly workout,” Stinson said. “More advanced athletes need one to two days of rest. And if one meal a week or one day a week you want to splurge on eating, go for it. It’s not going to derail all the changes and improvements your body is undergoing.”

For sustainable results, follow Stinson’s realistic approach to weight loss:

  • The first goal is to work up to 30 minutes of sustained cardio exercise at a moderate level. “I recommend walking, an elliptical or an interval, like a mix of walking and jogging,” Stinson said. “Start changing up that 30 minutes and then go harder every time. If you always do the same workout, your body adapts and you won’t get as much benefit.”
  • Aim for that 30 minutes of cardio three to four times a week combined with some sort of strength training and stretching. Additionally, rest days are just as important as the days you work out. “Your body has to recover from the exercise you’ve been doing,” Stinson said. “It’s what makes you stronger and better for next time.” For rest days, Stinson recommends yoga or Pilates. “Those stretches get you sweaty, and your muscles will be burning. But it’s not a hard-impact workout on the body.”
  • According to Stinson, your diet and overall nutrition make up 70 percent of what’s needed to reach your goals. Take the time to plan ahead for meals and fill up on vegetables and fiber. “It’s really simple,” he said. “If you aren’t eating reasonably healthy, minus the occasional splurge meal, you won’t reach your goals.”

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