Ready for a Run? Don’t Dash Off Before Stretching Properly

Whether you’re sporting your first pair of running shoes or have been running for years, a solid warm-up and cool-down are essential before and after your run.

In the video below, Memorial SportsCare certified athletic trainer and licensed physical therapist Amanda Wilson explains proper dynamic (movement) stretches to do before a run and static (holding) stretches to perform as part of your cool down.

  • The five dynamic stretches she covers include:
    • Straight-leg walks
    • Hip stretches
    • High knee kicks
    • Butt kicks
    • Karaoke – a grapevine-like sideways movement
  • Static stretches include:
    • Hamstring stretch
    • Quad stretch
    • Runner’s stretch (lunge position)


SportsCare, located at the Kerasotes YMCA at Iles Avenue and Archer Elevator Road, is offering a ‘Be Fit for Spring’ training series on Saturdays in April and early May. The April 21 event is on Running 101 and will feature tips for runners interested in jump-starting or improving a running regimen.

Want to put your new running tips to the test? Lace up your sneakers for a morning of fun and fitness at the Road to Recovery 3K/5K Walk-Run on May 5 in Washington Park. Get a four-person team of coworkers, family or friends together or participate as an individual. The event is sponsored by the Children’s MOSAIC Project; The Children’s Center, a program of Mental Health Centers of Central Illinois; Lincoln Prairie Behavioral Health Center; and NAMI Springfield. Register online at

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