Power of words on display in Memorial ER Stories

Words can be powerful vehicles for expressing the deepest of emotions and gratitude — and the words used by former patients to describe Memorial’s Emergency Department and its staff are just that.

  • “Memorial was a hero for both of us.”
  • “It’s the only time after a seizure I wasn’t scared to death.”
  • “I couldn’t have asked for better acceptance.”
  • “These are truly angels in disguise.”
  • “They respected my privacy.”
  • “You saved the most treasured possession I have in this world — my daughter.”
  • “I watched, as they systematically saved my daughter’s life.”

In January, Memorial Medical Center launched its ER Stories campaign, which asked community members to share their stories about the care they received in the MMC Emergency Department. The submission deadline was March 31, and nearly 80 compelling, emotional testimonials were shared and posted on MemorialERStories.com. Three submissions have been selected to be made into TV commercials in the near future.

Visit MemorialERStories.com to read the patient testimonials and to learn more about the campaign.

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