One Free Health Screening, Two on the Road to Better Health

Greg Eimer and his wife, Beth, stopped by The ALMH Market in May 2016 planning to enjoy a morning out to buy local produce and see the new market.

As they strolled through, they noticed the “Know Your Numbers” booth and decided to take advantage of free health screenings. Only minutes later, Greg learned his elevated blood pressure and cholesterol numbers warranted a follow-up.

In the following weeks, Greg met with Memorial Physician Services nurse practitioner Lindsay Otero. Otero verified the elevated numbers, worked with Greg to establish an individualized medication routine and provided lifestyle recommendations including exercise. Greg’s cholesterol and blood pressure levels are now back to the recommended ranges, and he can tell a significant improvement in how he feels.

“I didn’t realize I felt bad,” Greg said. “But now that my numbers are in control, I can tell a significant difference in the way I feel. I am thankful I was able to identify the problem. I’m also thankful my story has helped our family and friends realize how important it is to know your numbers.”

It was only a short time after their initial visit to The ALMH Market that Greg and Beth came home to find their then sophomore son, Jack, with his friends sitting around the kitchen table using Greg’s blood pressure monitor. It was an eye-opening moment for Jack’s friend Drew Singleton who repeatedly had higher than normal readings.

After a physical with John Wahab, MD, Memorial Physician Services, the 15-year-old athlete is now decreasing his salt intake, increasing his consumption of fruits and drinking more water. He’s also avoiding sports drinks that contain unnecessary sodium and sugars.

One screening – two individuals on the road to better health.

Organizers of The ALMH Market, which opens May 13, plan to increase the number of health screenings and education opportunities for the 2017 season. The “Know Your Numbers” campaign is funded by the Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital Auxiliary. Each month, attendees of The ALMH Market can receive free lipid, glucose, body mass index and blood pressure screenings.

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