New home for outpatient surgery, emergency and radiology services opened at Taylorville Memorial Hospital

Taylorville Memorial Hospital is now even better equipped to serve the needs of the greater Christian County community following the recent opening of its state-of-the-art, 32,000-square-foot outpatient services center on the hospital campus.

The single-story outpatient services center is now home to the hospital’s outpatient surgery, emergency and radiology services. It’s designed to provide patients with comfort, convenience, safety, and access to advanced technology.

Outpatient Surgery

More than 1,100 procedures are performed in the hospital’s outpatient surgery suites annually. These include upper and lower endoscopies, hernia repairs, carpal tunnel release, and knee arthroscopies.

Surgeons from medical practices in Springfield and Decatur come to Taylorville Memorial Hospital to perform these procedures. It’s not necessary for residents of Christian County or the surrounding area to travel outside Taylorville for such treatment. Specific features of the department include:

  • Three new operating room suites, totaling nearly 1,700 combined square feet.
  • Operating rooms that feature ceiling-mounted booms with LED surgical lighting, anesthesia booms, HD surgical-grade LCD monitors. The booms keep electrical cords off the floor and provide a safer work environment.
  • Two individual assessment rooms to ensure patients have private, secure initial interviews. Lockers are available to secure patients’ belongings during procedures.
  • The new design will provide patients with ample space and comfort during their stay at Taylorville Memorial Hospital.


The Radiology Department in the new outpatient services center at TMH will provide a comprehensive array of imaging services that few hospitals in communities of similar size offer. Features include:

  • X-rays, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, digital mammography, echocardiography, ultrasound/sonography, and nuclear medicine for the hospital’s estimated 27,000 annual radiology patients.
  • The 4,200-square-foot Radiology Department houses a Siemens 40-slice CT scanner capable of handling a full range of patient imaging studies. CT scans help diagnose muscle and bone disorders, locate tumors and blood clots, detect internal bleeding and monitor cancer and heart disease.
  • A high field strength Siemens Vario 3.0T MRI system has been permanently installed. The Siemens MRI unit is ideal for head, spine, abdominal and joint imaging.
  • Other equipment includes a digital mammography unit, two new GE ultrasound systems, a nuclear medicine E0Cam, and a new Care Stream digital radiography system.


The Emergency Department is twice as large as the previous emergency department, making it fully equipped to handle 16,000 patients per year. Some of the features:

  • 10 patient rooms, each with sliding doors (rather than curtains) for greater patient privacy.
  • Isolation room with negative air flow to care for patients who are at risk for any airborne transmission of contagious diseases.
  • Ceiling-mounted lighting and technology booms will free up work space and keep medical equipment within an arm’s reach at all times for physicians and other patient care providers.

For more information on the brand new outpatient services center, just visit Taylorville Memorial Hospital online.

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