Need to Conquer Unhealthy Eating Habits? ‘Choosing to Lose’ Can Help

With the tempting platters of calorie-laden holiday food behind you, it’s time to look forward to managing your weight for the new year.

While many of us don’t have a lot of success with New Year’s resolutions, an 11-week program offered by Memorial Medical Center’s dietitians can teach you the skills to conquer unhealthy eating habits. And the first class is free!

Choosing to Lose will hold its introductory session at 5 p.m. Monday, Jan. 9, in C005, which is in the Food and Nutrition Department on the hospital’s lower level near the cafeteria. At the end of the session, you can decide if you want to enroll in the remaining 10 weekly classes.

Unlike many fad diets, Choosing to Lose teaches you how to make permanent lifestyle changes and prepares you for long-term success.

Additional information is available on Memorial’s website, which explains how you can receive a $50 discount.

To register call, 217-788-3333.

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