Mental Health Services in Schools Means Intervention Sooner

Sad boy in sneakers sits alone with his back against a wall.

The Children’s MOSAIC Project is an innovative program transforming the way children in central Illinois receive mental health services. MOSAIC (Meaningful Opportunities for Success and Achievement through Service Integration for Children) brings together healthcare, schools and neighborhood outreach programs to maximize the impact of mental health services for children.

MOSAIC embeds Memorial Behavioral Health clinicians in Springfield and Lincoln public schools, and Behavioral Health Consultants (BHCs) provide integrated services at Memorial Physician Services–Koke Mill and Southern Illinois University Center for Family Medicine. Early identification of mental health disorders with an appropriate treatment plan is key to leading a happy and meaningful life.

“On-site clinicians have the capability to intervene before a student is in crisis,” said Florence Holmes, a MOSAIC on-site clinician. “We are integrated in the school environment, providing us a unique opportunity to identify the best interventions for students at the most appropriate times.”


  • 31,000 screenings conducted through the Children’s MOSAIC Project
  • 2,800 children are now receiving mental health services
  • 52 percent of children identified as “elevated risk” began and continued participating in behavioral health services

“The real success of MOSAIC isn’t reflected solely in the number of screenings completed, but in each child who is better equipped to lead a healthy and happy life because of the behavioral health services provided and partnerships built within our community,” said Heather Sweet, MPH, CHES, manager, Children’s MOSAIC Project.

Concerned About Your Child?

Florence Holmes, MS, is an on-site clinician for The Children’s MOSAIC Project at Fairview Elementary School and Washington Middle School in Springfield, and provides therapy to students and their families. She has 14 years of experience working with children, adults and families, and is trained in crisis prevention, behavioral intervention, incentive plans and providing trauma-informed behavioral health interventions. Her interests include human rights policy, improving conditions for impoverished families, autism spectrum disorder, play therapy and trauma-informed therapy.
Heather Sweet, MPH, CHES, is project manager for the Children’s MOSAIC Project. She provides overall management of the program, including strengthening community partnerships and expanding the reach of MOSAIC services. She has worked as a community-based coalition coordinator in the area of community health for youth and has been in the community health field since 2011. Her interests include destigmatizing mental health, especially in children; improving access to mental health services for children and families; and working with community partners to increase awareness about children’s mental health and available resources.


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