Memorial Physician Services Offers Patient-Managed Health Record

You’ve probably noticed that your doctor and nurse now use a computer during your appointment. The shift from paper records to an electronic database is well underway in the healthcare industry. And now, Memorial Physician Services patients can take charge of that information through our online patient portal.

It’s called My Health@MemorialMD and is patient-managed personal health record — basically a gateway to all of your health information. It provides two-way communication with your doctor’s office and gives you access to all the latest health news and tips. It’s secure, easy-to- manage and free.

As part of My Health@MemorialMD, patients can:

  • Connect with their healthcare organizations to download their clinical data
  • Request appointments with their physicians
  • Request prescription refills
  • Export data to a flash drive
  • Receive reminders about appointments or follow-up care through text messages or emails
  • Access lab and radiology reports and view their physician’s notes.

My Health@MemorialMD is open to all Memorial Physician Services patients 18 or older. You can sign up at any MPS clinic. You must have photo identification and an email address. Once you sign up, you’ll receive an email within five business days with a link to activate your account. You can then log in to My Health@MemorialMD at If you need more information, call (855) 9-MPS-DOC (967-7362) or send an email to

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  1. I have signed up for this at my physicians office but haven’t noticed an email to complete the process? it has been a couple of months.

  2. Hi LaVonne, So glad to hear you sign up for this. It really will streamline your patient care and involve you more in your own health care. We have notified the MyHealth@MemorialMD Coordinator about your situation. She should be in touch with you soon!

  3. I signed up for this a few months ago but have never received an e-mail.

  4. Hi Patsy – someone from MyHealth@MemorialMD will be in touch with you soon! Thanks for letting us know.

  5. I signed up at the doctor’s office in Feb. but have not received an e-mail conformation, yet.

  6. Bonita – We will contact a MyHealth@MemorialMD representative and have them contact you right away!

  7. I also signed up some time ago and never did hear anything. I think this would be a great asset to your system and at the same time take some of the burden off your medical staff.

  8. We also signed up for myself, my husband, Gerald D. Gehlbach, and my mother-in-law, F. Iola Gehlbach. We have received nothing. It would be handy to have this access at the ER, since apparently the hospital can’t access our Family Medical Group records (another issue).

  9. I too have signed up for your service some time ago but have not received any notification that it has been processed

  10. Suzanne, Nancy and Maxine – Someone from MyHealth@MemorialMD will be in touch with you directly very soon (if she hasn’t already).

    For others that have signed up and are wondering why you haven’t heard anything for quite a while, please check your email’s junk mail folder. We think our initial email communication may be winding up in that folder rather than the inbox.

    If you have any questions, or are wondering why you haven’t been contacted yet, please feel free to call (855) 9-MPS-DOC (967-7362) or send an email to

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