Memorial Medical Center Opens Eight-Room 
Emergency Department Expansion

The emergency department at Memorial Medical Center is growing again. Eight new patient care treatment bays opened on April 25 – the hospital’s second emergency department expansion in five years.

Features of the Emergency Department Expansion

  • Improved efficiency and enhanced privacy and safety
  • New nurses’ station
  • Completely electronic medical records

For more on what the expansion has to offer, take a look at the 42-second video below. You’ll meet Jennifer Boyer, RN, director of emergency medical services at Memorial, and she will introduce you to the new look of the emergency department.

So what does the expansion mean for you? As Jen said, nearly 200 patients come to Memorial for emergency medical care each day. The eight new rooms will allow Memorial’s emergency department to fulfill its mission to improve your health and the health of your family and friends.

No one plans a trip to Emergency, but when the unexpected need arises, you can rest assured knowing Memorial is better equipped than ever to take very good care of you or loved one.

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