Lincoln Resident Uses 5K Training to Get Back on Track

Gayle Hoock, an Infection Control employee at Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital in Lincoln, is no stranger to running. A former member of her high school’s track team, her passion for the sport has never waned.

In fact, not only has she run through all seasons of her life – including pushing little ones in a jogging stroller – she’s also helped organize races, including creating an inaugural 5K in a community where she lived prior to moving to Lincoln. And in 2003, Gayle finished the Walt Disney Marathon.

Soon after, however, leg pain sidelined Gayle from enjoying her hobby. That was about the time she moved to Lincoln. She’s since been treated for the cause of the pain – an overstretched muscle – and she’s enthusiastic about getting back into running shoes.

“I run because it feels good, and I hope to lose some weight,” Gayle said. “I am so excited to be back at it. I now can run with my sons, ages 13 and 16, instead of pushing them in the jogger. It’s much more fun.”

Gayle Hoock and son Kurt train for the inaugural Moving Forward 5K Run/Walk.

Gayle will be participating in ALMH’s inaugural 5K – Moving Forward – on Oct. 15. The race begins at 9 a.m. at Edward Madigan State Park. Her sons will be running alongside her. Kurt, 13, is using the 5K training as a chance to get in shape for his upcoming basketball season. They have enjoyed the time together bonding and working toward a common goal.

“My sons and I started walking a mile in the evenings,” Gayle said. “We have progressed to alternating running a few blocks and then walking a few blocks. It feels good, gets the heart pumping and gives me time with them with no distractions.”

The intent of ALMH’s Moving Forward is to give participants the opportunity to set a health goal and reach it. Both runners and walkers can register.

“No one has to run. This 5K is a non-competitive fun event,” Gayle said. “If someone wants to start running, they should invest in a good pair of running shoes and start slowly. The goal should be to finish.”

Visit the Moving Forward 5K Run/Walk website for additional information on the race and training tips provided by Memorial SportsCare athletic trainers.

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