How Yoga Supports Your Workout Regimen

Yoga ClassNeed a low-impact exercise to compliment your cardio and strength-building exercises?

Just say, “om.”

Yoga — a set of body movements intended to stretch parts of the body while also focusing on breath control —is a great way to enhance your workout routine, said Gabriel Stinson, MS, PES, a sports enhancement specialist with Memorial SportsCare.

“Moving through and holding the various positions of yoga focuses on improving strength, flexibility and cardiovascular function,” Stinson said. “It’s also a great stress reliever. It provides a great workout while refreshing the mind and body.”

Because it is a low-impact form of exercise, yoga also is a great tool for recovering from an injury. According to, “a well-rounded yoga practice includes dynamic flexibility training, core stabilization, strengthening and balance work. By focusing on these vital elements, yoga can help you recover faster after workouts, open up the tight areas that hinder performance, improve range of motion, and develop mental focus and concentration.” 

Yoga also is good for injury prevention by helping to maintain and improve flexibility, Stinson said.

To learn more about the role yoga has in an active lifestyle, as well as other ways to be active this spring, check out SportsCare’s Be Fit for Spring series, a free two-part training series that takes place April 20 and 27 at the Gus and Flora Kerasotes YMCA, 4550 W. Iles Ave. Each two-hour session will begin at 9 a.m. and take place in the YMCA’s multipurpose room. The first session on April 20 will cover general fitness, cycling and yoga. Participants can bring in their bicycles for a diagnostic evaluation. The second session on April 27 will cover running and nutrition.

Registration is not required for these events. Those attending both sessions will be eligible to win a grand prize that includes a 20-session SportsCare Healthy Lifestyle package, three-month YMCA membership, and running and biking apparel. For more information, visit or call 862-0444.

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