A new day in healthcare for Logan County

Over the past half-century, Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital has thrived. While the healthcare environment has caused other rural hospitals to cut back or even eliminate some services, our continued focus on our mission to improve the health of the people of Logan County has led to growth and success.

So when it became apparent in recent years that ALMH could not be remodeled to keep up with modern healthcare trends, the solution was obvious: break ground on a new hospital.

After years of planning and nearly two years of construction, the brand new Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital has opened its doors. The 116,000 square foot hospital was designed with four themes in mind: patient safety, quality, privacy and convenience.

Patient Safety

  • The Emergency Department is twice as large as before, with 10 all-private rooms.
  • Two trauma rooms are located near the Emergency entrance and are equipped with the necessary equipment for cardiac and trauma patients.
  • The helipad for helicopter landings is right outside the department, and the connecting sidewalk is heated, which will keep it clear of ice and snow in the winter.


  • Computers on wheels provide bedside medical documentation.
  • The Rehabilitation Department offers a warm-water therapy pool, more private treatment rooms and a larger gym.
  • The new ALMH has family maternity suites with three observation rooms and three labor, delivery, post-partum and recovery suites.


  • ALL patient rooms in the acute-care unit are private and have a shower.
  • Patient rooms are designed to enhance privacy and allow for family members to stay with the patient for as long as they’d like.


  • A two-story design allows ALMH to better care for the growing number of outpatients by serving them on the ground level.
  • In most cases, registration is done at the patient bedside.

While we’re extremely proud of the new ALMH, what we’re happiest about is the fact that we have a 21st-century facility that will allow us to continue our mission to improve the health of the people of Logan County for decades to come.

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