The Most Important Thing You Should Pack for Vacation

Posted by | Posted in Physician Services | Posted on 06-18-2013

200361157-001All ready to get away for vacation? Let’s see what you’ve packed.

Sunglasses? √

Flip-flops? √

Beach towels? √

Medical records? … Wait, what?

Many people make sure to take along their prescriptions and other medications when they get away from the daily grind for a week or more. Some even take their medical insurance cards and a list of important phone numbers, such as their physician’s office.

But how can you take your medical records with you?

If you already have access to your medical records online through Memorial Physician Services’ patient portal, MyHealth@MemorialMD, it’s easy to download them onto a flash drive. Then you can tuck it away into a safe spot in your purse or luggage when you hit the road.

You may never need to access your records, but you’ll have the security of knowing that the information is close at hand in the unlikely event that a health emergency arises while you’re traveling.

Don’t want to bother with a flash drive? Access your records through the FollowMyHealth app. It’s free for your iPhone, iPod or iPad. To download it, simply go to the iTunes store and search for “FollowMyHealth.” Be sure you’ve established your MyHealth@MemorialMD with your physician’s office first. You have to have the Follow My Health Universal Health Record account before using the service on your mobile device.

The patient portal is a free service for Memorial Physician Services patients. Patients can receive reminders about appointments or follow-up care through text messages or e-mails. They will have access to their lab and radiology results and can review their physicians’ notes and their medication lists.

The portal also makes it easier to refill prescriptions. For example, say it’s after work when you remember that you were supposed to call in a refill to your doctor’s office. “If you’re home at night and the office is closed, you’re able to link in through the portal and make your requests,” said Kim Beggs, a regional administrator with Memorial Physician Services.

“When the physicians and nurses come in, they can process your request in the morning.”

Enrollment is open to all Memorial Physician Services patients who are at least 18 years old. Memorial Physician Services has locations throughout the region in Springfield, Jacksonville, Lincoln, Petersburg and Chatham. For more details on this personalized health record or to find a primary care physician at Memorial Physician Services, call (800) FIND-MPS (346-3677).

Now where’s that sun hat?

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